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Man Shoots Ice Cream Truck and Officers; Two Schools on Lockdown

By Vickie Vértiz

A man in San Bernardino barricaded himself inside his house for hours, creating a standoff that ended Sunday night. The house burst into flames and police then took the man into custody who was said to have shot at an ice cream truck and police officers, officials told the San Bernardino Sun.
At about three in the afternoon on Sunday, police arrived on the 700 block of West 19th Street after several people called reporting gun shots fired, the Sun reported.
According to the paper, several kids were in line waiting to buy ice cream at the truck, when the man, who was described as a military veteran in his 50s or 60s, came out of his home and started firing. He hit the truck three times, witnesses told the paper.
Lieutenant Richard Lawhead of the San Bernardino Police Department told the Sun that no injuries were reported because of the shooting. The man then barricaded himself inside his house, Officer Lawhead told the paper.
Residents were removed from the surrounding area of the home, which was also near San Bernardino High School. The SWAT team from the Police Department was called to the house where the man was said to be alone. Lawhead told the paper that authorities “believed they knew who the man was and attempted to make contact with him throughout the afternoon and into the evening.”
At approximately eight thirty at night, the man “allegedly stepped out of the home and opened fire on officers,” said the paper. Once again, the man did not injure anyone. The armored vehicle belonging to the department, however, was hit several times.
Police assistance was called by the Sheriff in San Bernardino County, which the paper said “also deployed an armored vehicle to the scene.” At that point, authorities were getting ready to equip the vehicle to get into the house.
The fire began in his home right after eleven that night, and the San Bernardino Fire Department was called in for help.
Half an hour later, an official from the Sheriff of San Bernardino County confirmed that the shooter had been arrested and taken into custody, said the Sun.
The suspected gunman pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, January 13 to twelve counts of attempted murder and other charges in a San Bernardino Superior Court, said the paper.
According to the Sun, the District Attorney charged Terry Dean McKinney, 59, of San Bernardino with seven “counts of attempted murder, five counts of attempting to murder a police officer, shooting at an occupied vehicle and resisting an executive officer, according to court records.”
The paper added that the last name of the defendant was spelled McKinney on the complaint filed by the DA, but, the suspect was booked under McKinny. The Sun spoke to a police spokesman said he through “McKinny” was what was on license of the suspect. The name of the suspect was spelled both ways in other public records the paper researched.

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